For several decades the Schlackenaufbereitung (SAB) company has been active in the slag industry at Saarstahl in Völklingen. The highest level of customer satisfaction and sustainable management are at the top of its agenda.

SAB achieves these goals while ensuring commercial efficiency by using the latest technology and developing and designing environmentally friendly processes.

In order to implement these tasks successfully and reliably, Völklingen has been relying on proven Kirow technology for more than a decade in the field of liquid transport.

Its slag transport fleet was converted to Kirow slag pot carriers in 2007. Initially, three ST P 60 vehicles were used. The fleet was expanded in 2012 with an additional transporter, and this year another slag pot transporter of the latest generation will be added.

The payload of these vehicles is almost 70 tonnes, with dimensions of 11.2 metres (length), 5.2 metres (width) and a maximum height of 5.9 metres. This slag pot carrier is equipped with the latest generation of engines and Tier 5 exhaust gas treatment, with a power output of approx. 300 hp (224 kW).

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